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Degrassi Chorus

a Degrassi icon challenge

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Welcome to degrassi_chorus, a Degrassi icon contest inspired by communities such as buffy_chorus and lost_chorus. Each week a new lyric is given, and you have the duration of the week to make one icon based on that lyric, using any images from any Degrassi series you choose.

1. You may only enter one icon, made by you.
2. Your icon must fit lj standards (100x100, 40kb or less, etc.)
3. Host your own icon. It must be hosted somewhere that allows direct-linking.
4. You must use at least four (4) words of the lyric provided, unless I state otherwise.
5. Your icon may be still or animated, your choice.
6. Please try to refrain from using images from episodes yet unaired in the US (meaning anything after "Bark at the Moon"). Many of us are stuck with the flighty N as our Degrassi source and wish to remain unspoiled. Yeah, I've given up on this. Besides which, the N sucks and you should just download the upcoming episodes if you haven't seen them yet.
7. When submitting your icon, please include the img src and url as so:


Challenge begins on Monday.
Entries are due by Friday 10pm EST.
Voting takes place through Sunday.
Winners will be announced Sunday evening.

When voting please comment your votes like so:
1 being the icon you liked the most, etc.
Do not vote for your own icon. You must vote for three icons.
Voting is screened. The top three icons will win and there may or may not be a mod's choice award.