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Challenge #8 Winners!

First Place
by dependance

Have a banner!

Second Place
by _under

Have a banner!

Third Place (tie)
by howdyrockerbaby and by roseicons

Have some banners!

Mod's Choice
by modernchem

Have a banner!

Congratulations to all the winners!

If one of the winners would please respond to this post as quickly as possible (by tomorrow) with a lyric for the next challenge, that'd be great. Also, please remember to include the artist and the name of the song. Thanks!
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It's our time to shine through the down
Glorified by what is ours
We've fallen in love
It was the best idea I ever had

Today I fell and felt better
Just knowing this matters
I just feel stronger and sharper
Found a box of sharp objects what a beautiful thing

A Box Full Of Sharp Objects
by Used, The
awesome! thanks! Grabbed my banner.