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Sorry to post this here, but I'd like your opinions.

I've been having problems over at degrassi_icons and this is the second time this has happened. Two months ago I posted a multi-fandom icon post at my journal with eight Degrassi icons in it. I went through to all the applicable fandom icon communities, post a teaser of that fandom's icons and a faux-cut back to my journal. Of course, this was fine everywhere, except for at degrassi_icons. I had noted that eight out of the 42 icons posted were Degrassi in my teaser post, but caltrask55 deleted my post, commenting:

"Deleted and warned. Please read the community FAQ about posting fake cuts and multi-fandom icons. -Cal"

I emailed her expressing my disbelief at the ridiculousness of the rules, especially since I hadn't posted any multi-fandom icons to her community. After some back and forth bitching between the two of us, I caved and posted my icons how she wanted. (At which point, incidentally, she posted one of my icons as "Icons of the Week".)

The rules have now been changed, to be somewhat more… okay. However, today I posted another multi-fandom icon post in my journal, this time with only two Degrassi icons. And that's all I posted to degrassi_icons, with a small link back to my post saying that was where the credits and info for the icons could be found.

Of course my icon gets deleted, with the comment:

"Warned and deleted. Read the FAQ about linking to other journals. Specifically the following:

2) Posting links to another journal are only allowed if you have more than 4 Degrassi Icons to share. You must also post a "teaser" icon here instead of just "click link for Degrassi Icons!". - Teasers have to be Degrassi related.
3) If you are linking to a post that has multi-fandom icons you must let people know beforehand (not everyone wants to scroll through 50 icons from, for example, Lost)."

I have a pretty cool temper, usually, but I have no patience for stupidity, or for the Soup Nazi. So in my anger, I reposted saying,

"Credits and info can be found at the most recent post in my journal. I'd link you but that would get this post deleted. Sorry."

So she replies saying,

"Listen. Your link would very much be considered advertisting since the only Degrassi icons you have in the link are THESE TWO. How damn hard is it to put your credit info here?

Get snippy about the rules again and you are banned."

And I wrote out a very calm reply, in which I kept myself from being insulting:

"Look, even if I was advertising, who cares? I have never seen a general icon community so rigid about what gets posted. I mean, this isn't even an elite community or anything. I belong to elite communities, and I don't feel the need to worry about what I post there because in all likelihood it's going to be deleted.

Is there a problem with posting links to more icons? Did someone ever have a complaint? Was someone scarred from clicking on a link to multi-fandom icons?

You have the community for Degrassi icons. I just don't understand why you feel the need to be so power-hungry about it.

And I didn't advertise. I never said, "Come here to see more icons." All I said was that the credits were there.

It's just unnecessary."

However, when I went to comment, she'd deleted my post, this time saying,

"Actually, now that I think about it, your LJ Cut is misleading. You are still trying to get people over there. How hard is it to follow the rules. You have 2 Degrassi Icons. TWO. Did you not understand the FAQ? I'm deleting this because not everybody should be subjected to your snappy attitude because you don't agree with the FAQ."

Am I being unreasonable? I know I've spoken to other people who found this a problem. Well, I give up. I'm no longer posting my icons there.
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